The photograph for sanke 373 marked the last day of Boelcke and Immelmann's successful partnership in the same flying unit. Boelcke departed the next day to prepare for the Verdun offensive. The next time Boelcke returned to Douai was in June and that was to attend the funeral of his friend Immelmann. Front row left to right Salffner, Meding, (Lt Albert) Oesterreicher, Boelcke, (Hptm. Hermann) Kastner, (Lt Max) Immelmann, Von Krause, (Lt Ernst) Hess. Back row Left to Right (Lt Max) Mulzer, von Schiling, (Oblt. Maximilian) von Cossel, Fromme, (Oblt.) von Gusnar
 Sanke card 511 showing the star performers of Jasta 11 taken at Roucourt, in mid-April 1917, Pictured are (L-R) Sebastian Festner (12 victories), Karl-Emil Schaefer (30 victories), Manfred von Richthofen (80 victories), Lothar von Richthofen (40 victories) and Kurt Wolff (33 victories). This photo was taken in the heyday of Jasta 11 and right in the middle of Bloody April. The jovial expressions on their faces is indicative of the fertile hunting grounds they found in their operating area over the Western Front and the vast superiority of their Albatros D.III fighters over the majority of their adversaries machines. These men accounted for 83 enemy aircraft in April 1917 alone.